Brampton Cycling Club Established 1972


Founded in 1972, the Brampton Cycling Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and enjoying road riding in the western Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

We have active touring programs aimed at riders who are semi-serious to very serious about their riding, but not so serious that we don't have a great time on our rides and at various social events that are sprinkled throughout the year!

Our riding season usually starts at the end of March and continues until the last day of October. We have several touring groups based on riding abilities, and a very active touring calendar with rides almost every day of the week. Please join us for a great adventure.


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This Week's Events

For the full listing of events, please visit the events calendar.

Date/Time Event Name Event Type Location Lead Status
Sun 15th 9:00 AMSunday Ride - Touring+Club RideChurchill Meadows Library*To Be Appointed*
Tue 17th 6:00 PMTuesday Ride - TouringClub RideSouthfields Village School*To Be Appointed*
Wed 18th 9:00 AMWednesday Ride - Touring+Club RideTerra CottaSteve Juniper
Wed 18th 9:30 AMWednesday Ride - Touring+Club RideSobey's Plaza*To Be Appointed*
Thu 19th 6:00 PMThursday Ride - Classic+Club RideSouthfields Village SchoolBrian Hastings
Sat 21st 8:30 AMSaturday Ride - BeginnersClub RideLisgar GOClair Cafaro
Sat 21st 8:30 AMSaturday Ride - ClassicClub RideLisgar GOGeoff Milan
Sat 21st 8:30 AMSaturday Ride - Classic+Club RideLisgar GOSteve Juniper
Sat 21st 8:30 AMSaturday Ride - Easy RollersClub RideLisgar GOThomas Bruck
Sat 21st 8:30 AMSaturday Ride - SportifClub RideLisgar GO*Tour Leader Needed*
Sat 21st 8:30 AMSaturday Ride - TouringClub RideLisgar GOJason Roth